Ameribrits Crazy Woman Ginger 

**GiGi gave us 3 beautiful litters and is now enjoying her retirement as our official Queen of the couch! Her Daughter, Boondock Bordeaux’s Pandora’s Box (sired by Almond Blossom’s O’Charlie) is developing into a very promising young girl. We are very excited and hopeful to carry on with Ginger’s strong lineage in future generations**

“GiGi” is our fun loving,  curious, outgoing powerhouse! Ginger LOVES to swim, and she LOVES to play fetch, combine the two and she is one happy girl.  Ginger has energy and stamina that truly makes her unique.  She loves to follow us around the farm, checking to make sure everything is done correctly 😉. Gigi adores puppies, she seems to believe they are all her babies. Her least favorite activity is posing for pictures 😅 

Ameribrits -Crazy- Woman- Ginger -GG
Sire: Loggerheads Stars N’ Stripes
Dam: Ameribrits Devil in Disguise
Whelped: 01/18/2017
Eye cert & hips info

Call Name: Gigi



Pedigree of “Ameribrits-Crazy-Woman-Ginger-GG “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE Loggerheads Stars N’ Stripes Loggerheads Aston Martin Emberez The Big I Am
Loggerheads Foolin Around
Loggerheads Little Treacle Liondor Mon Legionnaire Avec Loggerheads
Tiawnee Dream Machine at Loggerheads
DAM Ameribrit Devil in Disguise Loggerheads Buddy Love Liondor Mon Legionnaire Avec Loggerheads
Play My Tune For Loggerheads
Loggerheads Alaskan Queen with Ameribrit Liondor Mon Legionnaire Avec Loggerheads
Loggerheads take a Chance